The Divorce Recovery Ladder Workbook

The Divorce Recovery Ladder Workbook

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Susan Shofer’s straightforward and pragmatic approach to addressing all aspects of divorce is pervasive throughout this workbook.  Knowing how challenging and complex divorce can be, Susan leads you on a path to take control of your divorce, learn which battles are worth fighting, and those that are not.  Divorce does not have to be financially devastating nor does it have to leave families fractured and shattered.

Susan’s wisdom and humor were the forces that enabled her to climb out of her own longstanding contentious divorce.  Along with Susan’s personal divorce, her experience in the financial industry and along with twenty-five years as a private investigator bring sensible ways to climb out of the frightening and chaotic divorce journey.

The Divorce Recovery Ladder Workbook is interactive and includes downloadable PDFs that will help you stay organized and on-track, understanding and taking control of your divorce process.

The following subject areas are covered:

  • Realization of your situation

  • Interviewing, preparing for, and working with your attorney

  • Understanding the divorce process

  • The importance of, and how to document and organize evidence

  • Getting prepared for your court appearance

  • Identifying and navigating a retaliating ex

  • Taking care of yourself

  • Custody & co-parenting

  • Getting your finances organized

  • Understanding settlements

  • Dating again

Susan writes:

“At the time of my own divorce, which was highly contentious, I scoured the Internet to find as much information as I could about how to navigate it.  There was abundant information about divorce and finances, attorneys, self-care, and much more and it proved too overwhelming. Many of the books that I read that were written by other women who had been through a divorce were more about how horrible their husbands were rather than how to actually navigate the divorce.  Then there were the articles about co-parenting and how badly divorce affects children. Day after day, I exhausted myself trying to find a concise how-to divorce book. With all the how-to books on the market, I was surprised not to find something that could help me.

Through my divorce experience, and at the encouragement of lawyers, therapists, and police officials as well as a women’s group that I worked with, I decided to develop a program for myself and other people going through a similar experience.  Of course, I had to go through my divorce first. This workbook is the result of that experience, as well as the hundreds of people that I have spoken with and worked with during and since.”

The Divorce Recovery Ladder Workbook is divided into two sections. The first section is an overview of divorce issues designed to familiarize you with the process.  The second section is interactive with checklists and charts to help you better organize your life and maintain emotional, physical and financial balance for yourself and children.  Although the Divorce Recovery Ladder Workbook is small at seventy-seven pages, it is very comprehensive.  The last thing you need is to be bogged down with too much information.  I feel confident that my the suggestions I make in the workbook will help you through the process. 

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